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Sorry Everyone, i can not keep up with this blog any longer, its time to say goodbye. Thanks for all the support.

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Ethan Waber Karen Erra Hyuga Ryght Leogini Santosa Berafort
Tonnio Rhima Lou Maya Shidow Lucaim Nav
Obel Dallgun Pete Lumia Waber Kanal Tomrain
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Sorry guys!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for visiting this website, we are so sorry for the delay of upcoming events and regular postings. Our team has been really busy with families and other things.

We will begin posting again, and please invite your friends so we dont die out and be forgotten!


Thanks so much for your support, and wish us the best while we try to get back on track!

– ourPSU Team

Panel 12 Unlocked!

Great job everyone! This event is now over.

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Award Panels

Attention, GUARDIANS!
We will have a maintenance this week for PSU. MAX is drawing to a close — excellent work on hitting all the award panels, and two of the three bonus weapon panels! Please see my post below this one for a quick preview of what’s coming this week, or check our official forums at: 
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We have finished updating the website, we have added a fiew new features and also canceled and closed the chatbox on the Community page. We although are working together with Hotel Hideout! You can check that out here!


We have accessed a theme from WordPress that we really like, as we are surfing the web with Apple Computers, we are honored and hoping that Steve’s family is going to be OK.

– ourPSU

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Ever felt bored of Phantasy Star Games, things getting old? Come play Habbo!

Habbo (previously known as Habbo Hotel) is a social networking site aimed at teenagers. The website is owned and operated by Sulake Corporation. The service began in 2000 and has expanded to include 11 online communities (or “hotels”), with users in over 150 countries. As of August 2011 over 230 million avatars have been registered. There are an average 10 million unique visitors monthly.

That is all for now. Don’t forget to join us in our forums!

– ourPSU

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